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We are a company who works at a global scale to provide solutions in trading corporate assets, securing human resource, etc.We have gained a high reputation from our customers for the efficient service rendered based on the long experience in the field. Our head office is in Osaka along with a branch in Tokyo, Joint venture in India and a warehouse in Vietnam. Furthermore, we always make sure to respond to each request from customers making the best use of our widespread connections in both Japan and overseas. All in all, we are a company that connects countries through assets and human resources.

Trade Agent

We provide trade solutions to wide range of goods including machines. Cargo that ranges from heavy materials to miscellaneous items could be arranged to transport safe and secure using container shipment, bulk cargo or air shipment depending on the request from the customer. We can assist you not only with the transportation, but also customs clearance, loading and shipping of the cargo through the expertise that we gained in the machinery trading.



  • Trade agency;  Facilitating import and export.Trading
  • Buying / Selling / Export of used and new machines.
  • Buying / Selling / Export of used heavy equipment.


Industrial Machinery Buy & Sell

Responding to the high demand from our clients across South east Asia, we buy and sell all kinds of machinery assets that are out of operation, that need to be replaced or disposed. We guarantee a trusted service from the initial inquiry to evaluation, purchase and removal of the machines, no matter it is a single unit or a complete factory. In addition, we are also well experienced in handling large scale production lines and plants in both Japan and overseas. We assure our customers the best solution for corporate assets.

Heavy construction equipment Buy & Sell

We support sale and trade-in of construction and heavy equipment through our extensive network both in Japan and overseas. Having a thorough understanding of our client`s requirements and circumstances in the Southeast Asia, we can respond to your consultations regardless of the model year, site, or storage location of the machines. We would be a one-stop service provider for the entire sales process starting from assessment, quotation and removal of the assets.

Recruitment/Overseas manpower

>Responding to the prevailing manpower shortage which is one of the most serious issues in the country, we support the local manufacturers and other industrialist to maintain and to further improve their competitiveness unaffectedly in the market by introducing overseas human resources to them. In the future, it is necessary to consider acquiring human resources with a global perspective, rather than being limited to Japan. We present the solutions backed by our vast experience and know-how in this field. Overseas manpower is gaining attention as the most efficient means to resolve the labor shortage and to maintain the productivity.


Translation is available in English, Thai,Vietnamese, Chinese, and Tamil. Especially we have a proven track record in manual translation of specialized machinery. On request, we can also arrange local attendants and interpreters in Southeast Asian countries. We are happy to offer our guidance at any given time based on our abundant experience and achievements in overseas business expansion, resource development and market research.

Real Estate

We have invested in two high quality properties in Hyogo Prefecture; rental apartment and a rental warehouse located facing Arima main road in Kita-ku, Kobe.The warehouse attached to two-story office building is equipped with two overhead cranes, and it is currently being used under a long-term contract.The Rental apartment; Ma Maison Kita Rokko`s exterior is inspired by European architectural designs which contributes to enhance the image of the surrounding. The property is well received by the neighbourhood and a popular landmark as well.

Company Profile


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