Privacy Policy

Established Jun 10, 2008
Revised on Jun 10, 2009

The Company recognizes the importance of protecting personal information (personal information defined in the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information”, as well as individual numbers and specific personal information defined in the “Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in the Administrative Procedure”). With this in mind, the Company has formulated the following privacy policy to safeguard personal rights and interests, and will take great pains to ensure that officers and employees abide by the policy.

1. Acquisition of personal information

The Company will acquire personal information by legitimate and fair means.

2. Use of personal information

The Company will use personal information within the scope of purpose conveyed to the person in question or published in advance, unless otherwise required by laws and regulations.

3. Supervision of delegated parties

If the Company provides personal information to a party entrusted with the implementation of operations that it aims to accomplish, it will properly manage and supervise that party.

4. Provision of personal information to third parties

The Company will not provide any personal information to third parties without the prior consent of the person in question, unless otherwise required by laws and regulations.

5. Management of personal information

The Company strives to maintain proper and reasonable security for all of the personal information it acquires, taking sufficient security measures to prevent the occurrence of illegal access, loss, damage, modification, and leakage. In addition, if for some reason the Company does not consider it necessary to keep the personal information in its possession, such as the expiration of the legally required retention period, it will immediately discard or remove this personal information.

6. Request for disclosure, etc. of personal information

Requests by an individual for notification of purpose of use or disclosure, correction, addition, deletion or discontinuance of use or erasure of that person’s personal information will be handled promptly in accordance with the laws and regulations.

7. Organizations and systems

The Company appoints an administrator responsible for the protection of personal information, and conducts the proper management of personal information. It provides training to officers and employees so that they will know how to protect and properly manage personal information. By conducting this training, the Company ensures that personal information is handled properly in daily operations.

8. Compliance with laws, regulations and rules, and revisions

The Company complies with the laws and regulations, guidelines, etc. applied to personal information and, if necessary, will review and improve the initiatives set forth in the preceding items to ensure that the protection of personal information is further enhanced.


Handling of Personal Information

1Purpose of use of personal information

The Company uses the personal information it acquires within the scope of the following purpose of use, in addition to other cases permitted by laws and regulations.

To facilitate communications between customers and the Company and to provide notifications and greetings in accordance with social customs;
To conclude and execute agreements between customers and the Company and to manage other transactions;
To provide information on the Company’s products and services;
To conduct research, analysis and study in connection with the Company’s business;
To provide invitations to exhibits, seminars and other events;
To provide information on results of questionnaires and events to participants;
To offer products and services using direct mail, email distribution, fax communications, etc.;
To provide corporate information to persons seeking employment with the Company and prospective employees and to conduct necessary communications;
To respond to inquiries from customers; and
To conduct other operations relating or incidental to the above operations.

2Joint use of personal data

The Company may jointly use customers’ personal data as follows:

1.Personal data to be used jointly
Customer’s name, address, telephone number, email address and information on employment, including company name, department and job title

2.Range of joint users
The Company and its affiliate companies listed on its securities reports.

3.Joint users’ purpose of use
The purpose of use for each joint user is the same as those described above under “Purpose of Use of Personal Information” and is related to said individual joint users’ business.

4.Administration of personal data

Collection of personal information from websites


The Company’s website contains pages that use a form of technology known as “cookies.” Cookies are used to send data to the user’s software for Internet surfing (browser) and refers to its content, making it easier for the user to use the website the next time they visit it. However, cookies are not intended to be used to acquire the personal information of the user. The user may disable cookies by reconfiguring the browser to stop accepting cookies.


The Company’s website incorporates the Secure Socket Layer (SSL), an encryption technology, in the “Contact Us” page, so that users can enter data such as personal information in a secure manner. The SSL sends out the information entered by the user after the information is encrypted.

3.Access Log capturing:

The Company’s websites automatically record the information of users in the form of access logs. This information includes the IP address of the user, as well the type of browser used and number of accesses. However, no information is included that individually specifies the user. Access logs, which are used to collect statistics and analyze the use of services, will not be utilized for any other purpose.

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