90% share in Japan! Machine manufacturing of margarine, butter and soap

We would like to introduce the products of a company specializing in “food manufacturing machines and soap manufacturing machines” that has been in business for 50 years.

Focusing on food manufacturing machines such as commercial margarine and butter from soap manufacturing machines, we are a company with a 90% share of the domestic market for delivery to the oil and fat industry.

In recent years, there have been many offers from overseas, occupying an 80% share in China, and it has received high trust worldwide.
The uniquely developed packaging technology (4-sided crimping type, caramel folding type)provides hygienic packing and can perform the boxing process fully automatically, fulfilling the demands of companies at a high level. I am.

As a food machinery manufacturer that develops production rationalization and labor-saving equipment for companies, we will consistently handle everything from design to manufacturing and delivery so that we can meet all needs.

Focusing on research and development, we are striving to develop machines with excellent production capacity, cost reduction, hygiene, and safety by introducing the latest technology.


・ Margarine (butter) manufacturing machine・ Soap manufacturing machine
・ Oil-related manufacturing machines
・ Manufacturing products that meet the needs of companies
・ Full order is possible


* 90% share in Japan
* China (export) share 80%


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