Processed Food with Amino Acids (aminolevulinic acid)

Product Discription

Benefits of Aminolevulinic acid
Aminolevulinic acid has various benefits
① Auxiliary diagnosis of cancer
② Cancer treatment
③ Prevention of restenosis of blood vessels
④ Herpes treatment
⑤ Athlete’s foot treatment
⑥ Acne treatment
⑦ Good for Skin
⑧ Cancer screening
⑨ Improvement of cerebral infarction prognosis
⑩ Atopy treatment
⑪ Anemia treatment
⑫ Hair growth
⑬ Immunity improvement
⑭ Improvement of mobility / anti-fatigue
⑮ Improving sleep quality
⑯ Prevention of hangover
⑰ Burning of sugar and visceral fat
⑱ Improvement of type 2 diabetes
⑲ Improvement of sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass)
⑳ Improvement of mobility in patients with Parkinson’s disease
㉑ Stabilization of emotional ups and downs in patients with dementia
㉒ Kidney function protection
㉓ Tochondria disease
㉔ Anti-inflammatory effect
㉕ Protozoan effect / Vaccine effect against malaria
㉖ Effective for recovery of influenza
㉗ Effective for Anti-hepatitis B virus

“Starch (domestic production),
Amino acid powder (containing 5-aminolevulinic acid phosphate), HPMC,
Sodium citrate,
Colorant (titanium dioxide),
Fine silicon dioxide”

Nutrition facts label per capsule (410mg)
Energy: 1.47kcal
Protein: 0.02g
Lipid: 0.004g
Carbohydrate: 0.34g
Salt equivalent: 0.013g
5-Aminolevulinic acid phosphate: 50 mg

Also effective for the COVID-19

ProductProcessed Food with Amino Acids (aminolevulinic acid)
Handled byToyo Trading Co., Ltd.
Product No.8
Made in Japan
RemarksContent 24.6g (1 capsule total weight 410mg×60)
Delivery chargesDisplay fees
Unit price / quantityJPY 9000/ pc
Special price JPY 9,000
Minimum order 1 Lot× 50
Selling price of 1 lot JPY450,000 (w/o tax)

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