NMN(Anti ageing Supplement)

Product Discription

・NMN stands for nicotinamide mononucleotide.
・NMN is a molecule naturally occurring in all life forms and acts as a direct precursor of the essential molecule NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide)
・It has been found that NAD itself is not easily absorbed by cells when taken directly as a supplement, and administering NMN which is a precursor of NAD, is a more effective supplement.
・Sirtuins (longevity genes) maintain cellular health participating in cellular damage repair. They’re also involved in insulin secretion, and the aging processes and aging-related health conditions, such as neurodegenerative diseases and diabetes. The activation of sirtuins requires NAD+.
・As organisms grow older, they accrue DNA damage due to environmental factors such as radiation, pollution, and imprecise DNA replication and the accumulation of DNA damage is the main cause of aging.
・Almost all cells contain the ‘molecular machinery’ to repair this damage. This  machinery consumes NAD+ and energy molecules. Therefore, excessive DNA damage can drain valuable cellular resources.
・The accumulation of DNA damage as a result of the normal aging process leads to increased PARP, which causes decreased NAD+ concentration.
・Given the virus` nature of being harmful to the old, some gerontologists claim that treating `aging` can be a long term solution to defend older adults from COVID-19 and other future infectious diseases.
・ The effective intake of 250㎎ of NMN is equivalent to about 28 cabbage, about 4000 broccoli, about 2000 edamame, and about 600 tomatoes.

ProductNMN(Anti ageing Supplement)
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Size3 sachets/box [Contents of 1 sachets: 10 tablets ✕ 3 sheets (1 tablet weight: 280 mg)]
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