Photocatalyst mask spray (AQUA TiO2)

Product Discription

・When sprayed once, it constantly sterilize and deodorize everytime exposed to light. (Bactericidal and deodorant effect)
・Ions adsorb airborne bacteria and viruses, making it difficult for them to enter the inside of the mask. (Ion adsorption action)
・Not only sunlight but also fluorescent lamps alone are effective enough. (Sufficient effect has been proven even at 1000-2000 lux)
・All safety tests such as deodorant test by MRSA, temporary skin irritation test, and acute oral toxicity test are cleared.

ProductPhotocatalyst mask spray (AQUA TiO2)
Handled byToyo Trading Co., Ltd.
Size3×3×12 cm
Product No.4
Made in Japan
Delivery chargesDisplay fees
Unit price / quantity1500 JPY/ 1 bottle
Splecial Price 1,500 JPY
Minimum order 1 lot × 10 bottles
Selling price of 1 lot 15,000 円(w/o tax)

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